Fear Mongering


Times are tough and many of us know it.  We know it because we have friends and family who are laid off, due to the economic downturn.  And, everyone wants the economy to bounce back so our dear ones can go back to work.

However, President Obama’s knee jerk reaction to what is a cyclical downturn of the economy — something that happens over and over — is not going to fix the problem.  Spending tax dollars will NOT  stimulate companies to increase production nor encourage business to start hiring again.  Spending us into oblivion and a national debt that will never be repaid will only create more taxes which, in turn, depresses business. 

In a recession, it is important to lower taxes so business is competitive with the world economy.  Then, they can hire more people.  Once people are working again, they spend money.  In turn, businesses hire MORE people to provide the products that working people are asking for.  Just because we are in a dip in the road now does not mean that the road leads to disaster.

Through this stimulus (bailout) bill, Obama is trying to scare us into enacting more governmental programs and he is using the economic downturn as the stick.    He threatens dire consequences if this particular budget bill is not passed.  But, do we really need the foolishness that this bill encompasses?  Do we need to rebuild facilities leased by the government?  Do we need to create MORE governmental agencies, such as Universal Health Care?  Do we need to bailout industries that are outdated and uncompetitive?  Do we really need to pay more taxes so that someone else can decide where our money goes?

Even if you believe in bigger government, this stimulus bill is stuffed full of Lieberal programs!  It was meant to boost the economy, but the first bailouts have had little effect.  Democrats have succeeded in frightening people into believing that we are heading into disastrous economic times and they use this fear to try to hustle an unread, undiscussed bill with enormous consequences through Congress.  The President would have us believe that there is no time to discuss the bill, much less read it!  Considering that the bill is reaching toward the trillions, this is not only arrogant, but it is stupid.  The President and the Democrats exemplify politics at its worst.  

Obama should be using the presidency to boost morale and to encourage business, not follow the nonsensical Democratic theory of  spend, spend, spend.  And, if the Democrats won’t listen to reason, Obama must ride roughshod over his own party.  Otherwise, his calls for instantaneous passage of the stimulus bill is nothing more than fear mongering at its worst.

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