Senator Reid’s Ignorance Exposed!

Watching Senator Reid trying to deny that taxes are forced on the American public is like trying to watch a snake swallow itself!  He tries to divert the question of “are taxes forced on the American Public”  with explanations about deductability of homes, etc.  When Reid is asked how civil and criminal penalties are NOT proof of taxes being forced on Americans, he says that he doesn’t agree with the “phraseology”, i.e., “you’re asking a question and I don’t like it so I will challenge the question!”

And, this is the guy leading the charge for the bailout for just about anyone who needs money, except those of us taxpayers who are routinely paying our taxes?!  This guy, with his political meandering, should NOT be in charge of anything, except maybe his dog!  Well, maybe the dog would resent that!  Based on this convoluted argument from Senator Reid, he should just go home, sit down, and be “seen but not heard.”

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