Netanyahu and Obama

Netanyahu and Obama

Both are heads of state.

Both are used to speaking publicly.

Both will, or have, given speeches in our House of Representatives this year.

And, there, they diverge.

President Obama gave a political speech, his SOTU,  to try to placate his leftist allies; and, while he was at it, insulted Conservatives once again, AND promised to spend more money for a variety of “worthy” causes.  There were no explanations of how to pay for all his generosity with OUR tax dollars.

Netanyahu will speak to the same Congress.  He will describe Israel’s place in an unfriendly world and how he hopes to protect his fellow citizens.  He will probably thank America for its past help.  He will explain how he sees Israel’s relationship with America and how he hopes to remain our best ally in the middle East.

Having an ally as a guest is good for America.  But, the White House’s “anonymous” sources say that President Obama is furious that Netanyahu did not say “Captain (Obama), may I come?” before the media heard of the upcoming speech.

The White House churlishly refuses to even meet with Netenyahu while he is here justifying that by saying that it is a “spit in the face” to not ask their permission.  Do they remember spitting in Netanyahu’s face when they unceremoniously ushered him out the back door of the White House on a previous visit?  Whose House is the House of Representatives anyway?  Why, it is OUR House.  And, if the Speaker of the House invites a guest to speak, that is his right.  Whether it is a head of state, or not, is immaterial.  And, no matter what Obama says, his nose is out of joint because he expected Boehner and Netanyahu to kow tow to him, NOT make their own decisions!  Obama is, to put it colloquially, acting like a JERK!

We should have seen this coming because Obama has never been a uniter.  He continually sets one economic class against another in his bid to get his own way on entitlement programs.  He said he would make all of us feel “American”.  Instead, he has played the race card over and over, dividing Americans into black and white — quite often before the facts prove there was no racial animus involved.  He repeatedly uses divisive, insulting  language against Conservatives or Conservative thoughts;  and then, whines that the Republicans aren’t willing to work with him.  He has even divided the world into two armed camps by reinforcing the demands of the Arab world, always at the expense of Israel.

So, let this Grandmother give President Obama a lesson in manners.  First, always make sure your words are tender because you might have to eat them some day. Always be the “better man” and welcome everyone, including those whom you disagree with.  And, always remember that you are NOT a monarch.  YOU are the President of the United States and should act as a Head of State, NOT a whining, spoiled brat.  You have bowed and scraped to almost every world leader you ever met which embarrassed Americans immensely.  Why not swallow your pride and, at least, make an effort to be a gracious host to one of our best allies in the world?

Remember, Mr. Obama.  You represent America, NOT a political faction.  And,  it serves America better to keep allies close and friendly than to openly create yet another divide between friends.

If you forget everything else, please remember this.  There are many countries and peoples who hate America and want to destroy her.  Netanyahu, and Israel, do not.  They are friends.





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