Romney, the “doer” vs. Obama, the “talker”…..

Which candidate for President can MAKE things better………….and which candidate will TALK about how he wants to make things better?  Sandy, the hurricane running rampant throughout our Eastern seaboard, provides a real time example of how each candidate reacts in an emergency.

Obama is sitting tight in Washington, D.C., ostensibly to monitor rescue efforts.  The President wants to appear to be Presidential while, of course, he is just protecting himself and his image.  We know the image of Obama at the head of rescue efforts is false for many reasons.  First is Obama’s own spokesman, Carney, saying that the President returned because:  Due to deteriorating weather conditions in the Washington, DC area, the President will not attend today’s campaign event in Orlando, Florida.  The President will return to the White House to monitor the preparations for and early response to Hurricane Sandy.  (

Returning due to weather is obviously true.  However, the President didn’t monitor Benghazi, Libya, in real time.  4 Americans died there, due to his dereliction of duty.  So, why should we believe that Obama cares now when he didn’t then?  Besides, rescue details are handled by the Governors of the affected states, not the President.  All the President does is release Federal funds.  Essentially, the President sits on his hands and opens “our” wallet.  And, oh yes, THIS President does a lot of talking about how he “wants” to help.

Then, there is Governor Romney who is also curtailing his campaigning.  However,  Governor Romney is actively engaged in rescue efforts.  Romney is sending his campaign bus with supplies into the areas affected by the storm.

Leadership: Romney Uses Campaign Bus to Deliver Hurricane Relief


So, do you want a “doer” like Governor Romney or a “talker” like President Obama for the next four years?

Consider the high unemployment, the national deficit rising every second, businesses pessimistic about the future, our enemies salivating at the possibility of overwhelming America, and our allies (remember Israel?) wondering whom to trust, BEFORE you decide.  Whom do we need?

We need Governor Romney, a successful businessman, who knows how to put our country back together again.

We need the “doer” –Governor Romney — to “do” for America what he did for Massachusetts and for the Olympics.

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