Obama, the “Techie”…….NOT

Ha ha.  The President whom everyone claimed was the most technologically advanced candidate in the world is now claiming a “mistake” was made when unsolicited emails — spam to most of us ordinary folk — were sent.

It couldn’t have been that they tried spamming as a trial balloon, could it?  And, when people complained, they looked for a scapegoat?  Ah, yes.  It was a mistake!!!


Change-up: White House sent unsolicited e-mails

WASHINGTON (AP) – The White House is blaming unnamed political groups for the unsolicited e-mails it had wrongly insisted no one was receiving from its online operation.”We’re certainly not interested in anyone receiving e-mails from the White House who don’t want them,” White House online director Macon Phillips said in a blog posting Monday night.

Phillips said groups outside the White House—he offered no specifics—had signed up their members to receive regular White House updates about President Barack Obama’s projects, priorities and speeches. Adding names from a commercial or political list to the White House list was not the practice there, he said.

After the White House had consistently denied that anyone who hadn’t sought the e-mails had received them, Phillips acknowledged that people may have been added to the e-mail lists without their knowledge.

“We regret any inconvenience caused by receiving an unexpected message,” he wrote in the blog.

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