Even though candidate Obama promised no new taxes on the middle class, preferring to intimate that the “wealthy” were not paying their fair share, the reality is that EVERYONE WILL BE PAYING MORE TAXES.

We already pay:  property taxes, sales — local and state — taxes, state  income taxes, alternative minimum tax, federal income tax, excise taxes,  capital gains taxes, estate taxes, vehicle license taxes, gasoline taxes, cigarette taxes,  and fees to hunt, fish, camp, or anything else that the government can stamp a price tag on.

Now, President Obama is agreeing to a VAT tax (value added tax) which would be a Federal tax on just about anything that moves, or even doesn’t move.  The justification is that we must pay down our national debt.  What he doesn’t tell you is that HIS POLICIES ARE THE REASON THE NATIONAL DEFICIT IS OUT OF CONTROL!!!!!!

Forget Obama’s campaign promises to control Washington’s invasion of our lives.  He certainly has.

Forget that most Americans did NOT want the health legislation and its incumbent taxes to pass.  He certainly did.

Forget that America was founded upon free people making their own decisions and using their own talents to support themselves.  He certainly has!

Obama and his ideas are just too repressive and costly for our country.  In fact, the cost of his administration is outrageous, and unchecked spending in every welfare program they can find, implement, or maintain! America just can’t afford any more of Obama’s grandiose and socialistic agenda.

The Tea Party has shown how wide and diverse is the opposition to Obama’s socialistic agenda.  Throw him and his lackeys out in November!