Democrats are Hypocrites

Even though former Vice President  Dick Cheney was intimately involved in suppressing terrorism while President Bush was in office, he is villified for his opinion that President Obama’s decisions are making America less safe.

Even though Flaherty is a golf announcer and a guy just making a joke, he is forced to apologize for making a joke about speaker Pelosi.

Even though Wanda Sykes made a vicious joke at the correspondents’ dinner about someone she knows only anecdotally–she wished Rush Limbaugh’s kidneys would fail and that he was the 20th hijacker–  President Obama lauged!

What do all these events have in common?  Well, in the first, a Republican is stating his honest belief and yet Democrats loudly bray that he is  fear-mongering.  In the second, a Democrat is the butt of a joke, and the Democrats don’t like that either!  In the third, a Democrat is making fun of a known Republican.  Oh, my!  That is just so funny.

The President of the United States laughed uproariously at the joke.  Understandably, he felt comfortable  in the company of journalists who fawn over him. In fact, from his facial expression, he appeared to find Wanda’s joke hilarious.  Only when it was pointed out that 9/11 was NOT a funny topic, did he back up and have his spokesperson say that was not funny!

It appears that the media is willing to give President Obama yet another pass on this latest gaffe.  That is not surprising when they supported his election with slanted news coverage and pandering columns and “tailored” descriptions of what they purportedly called the news.  Oh, yes.  There are a whole bunch of hypocrites in politics, and the biggest of them all is our very own President!

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