Hatred and Politics

The American public did NOT want the health legislation to pass, but Congress rammed it through anyway.  It’s no surprise that people are angry, frustrated, and just plain overwrought by representatives who did NOT represent their constituents.

Some, unfortunately, have decided to let their legislators know just how much anger there is by sending harsh emails, voice mails, and even a brick through windows.  This violence is NOT limited to Democrats who overwhelmingly voted against the American public.  Eric Cantor, Republican of Virginia, also had damage to one of his buildings.

Hatred in politics is nothing new, especially when an entirely new social order is being foisted on unwilling participants.  What is new is that the Democrats have decided to try to mitigate the anger against their “aye” votes by drumming up new anger against those who use violence to try to show their anger.  If Democrats can change the focus from their forcing national health care on Americans to fearing violence from opponents, then they are halfway to being redeemed in the public’s eye.

However, this is a bogus, and blatantly political response by Democrats.  They have used every dirty trick, every cunning ploy, and even dubious legislative methods to force this bill through.  And, now, they want to play the victim!

Despite their extolling the new health legislation, none of Congress nor the President  are required to participate in the program.  They have their own “special” policy.  How undemocratic is that?

Despite their assurances that the new health legislation would save money, any thinking American knows that you cannot increase a pool of recipients and save money.  No.  Democrats plan taxes that you won’t notice until you check your pension plan….like the 3.8% INCREASE in taxes on dividends which is a 25% increase in total taxes on dividends!

Despite Democrats lamenting the violence, they secretly relish it because they can then extrapolate and attribute such actions to anyone who disagrees with them.  Witness the allegations that teaparty groups “MUST” be responsible!

Hatred in politics in nothing new.  What is new is that the media repeatedly follows the party line of the Democrats all the while denigrating FOX news and the independents and conservatives who are begging for fiscal responsibility.  What is new is that Democrats piously downplay their role in fomenting such reactions and use it as a political ploy to try to save members who voted against the public’s wishes.  Those votes are the source of a great deal of anguish for those of us who will be paying yet again for someone else’s profligate ways and for some, a source of hatred.

Although they are trying to place the blame on others, through their actions and votes,  Democrats and Health care are now  synonymous with Hatred and Politics.

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