It’s the issues, Stupid!

Ah, yes, the good old days when the voting public actually studied the issues of the day.  Ah, the good old days when the media actually reported the news of the day, and not their biased view of current events.  And when you could discuss politics and the word “racist” never occurred!

Nowadays, unless you agree to vote for the Democratic nominee, you are considered racist.  Forget the fact that you like Senator McCain and Governor Palin for their personal standards of morality, their views on Iraq, or their views about protecting all Life.

Under the guise of political correctness, a new standard of racism has appeared and it is directly linked to the black community.  The liberal elite promote the notion that only whites can be racists, but that is absolutely not true.  In fact, anyone who accepts that “all” blacks will vote for Obama BECAUSE HE IS HALF BLACK is condoning such racism   Any honest person knows that there is virtually NO candidate who will garner 95%, or more, of a single constituency.  Yet, even the liberal media admits that blacks are expected to vote for Senator Obama almost exclusively.  And, almost every African American questioned  will deny that they are voting for the Democrat because he is half- black.   Oh, no.  The black community is in complete agreement with the issues presented by Senator Obama.

Well, that hypocricy was completely exposed by a simple series of interviews conducted by a radio station in Harlem.  When the station presented Senator McCain’s stance on issues, but pretended that these were Obama’s beliefs, the people questioned said they were quite happy with the issue!  So much for voting for the Democratic nominee because of his views!

Here is the proof, if you care to listen:

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