Who’s responsible?

The American public is dissatisfied with their Congress, according to the media. I believe that NO ONE truly knows what the American public believes until the actual votes are counted and I resent anyone, especially the media, telling me that I SHOULD believe this or that. As an educated woman, I am fully capable of reading about the issues and deciding for myself. Certainly others are, too. It is important to remember that what is important to Americans today might not be what they asked for earlier. And, although, much of the media fervently wants us to believe that Republicans have done a bad job, consider the following.

When President Bush first took office, the economy was considered of paramount importance. Thanks to timely tax cuts, the economy has surged. Unemployment is lower and housing is up. The economy is roaring along, despite many obstacles along the way. Does the media remember who was in charge of this economic enthusiasm?

President Bush and his policies were responsible.

After 9/11, the media was abuzz with the immediate need for increased security inside the United States and world wide. Almost everyone agreed that our government should take every step to apprehend and destroy terrorists and to prevent another terrorist attack. TV news commentators discussed little else.…… until it was decided that somehow, somewhere, someone had to be at fault for the attack. Then, the hunt was on for whom to blame for the purported lapse in security. After all, the “American public” demanded to know who was responsible.

The terrorists were responsible.

Our armed forces reported to duty. Saddam Hussein was captured. There have been no further attacks within our country. Iraq is building a Democracy. And, the media was temporarily captivated by these stories until it was decided that too much credit was being attributed to President Bush’s policies. But, who was responsible for immediately deploying American troops and every asset available to destroy the terrorists?

President Bush was primarily responsible.

Hurricane Katrina ravaged many parts of the south. The Federal government offered aid only to have it refused by various Democrat state officials until the devastation had begun and it was difficult to move help in. Who was primarily responsible for not working with the Federal Government?

Look closely at the governor and mayor of the state which suffered so much destruction to see who is responsible.

Look to President Bush to see who immediately pledged Federal help.

Now, the media is exclaiming, with considerable glee, that the Republicans are going to suffer huge campaign losses this Fall. If the voters would truly consider where the blame or credit should really lie in all these national emergencies, it is obvious that President Bush has faced huge challenges from terrorism and natural disasters. At every turn, he has immediately offered as much aid as he could through Federal resources and even with his personal attention. He has visited innumerable families of fallen soldiers. He has kept the plight of the south at the forefront of his agenda, despite the constant barrage of criticism the attention brings.

Every American citizen should be proud of the efforts our government has made under the leadership of President Bush. In every instance, he has chosen the moral high ground and has exerted considerable effort to keep America safe and prosperous. Who is responsible for the current comfort zone we all share in America today?

President Bush is responsible.

It is time for the voters to stop listening to the rabid media who constantly reinvent the “issue of the day”. Remember that the media has a vested interest in drumming up stories. Many times, their personal biases and personal need for air time lead them to hype stories rather than just reporting the facts. It is time for voters to rediscover why they elected President Bush and Republican legislators. So, who is responsible for deciding the best candidate for any of the senate or congressional jobs being voted on this Fall?

Only the voters should be responsible!

From : The Mom Team

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